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Time It Takes for a Barrel to Reach Jamaica from UK

Wondering how to go about shipping barrels to Jamaica from the UK? Let the experts at Carib Shipping Company help you out with these free tips.

Want to Know How Long It Takes a Barrel to Reach Jamaica from UK

Do you have a deadline for a shipment to Jamaica from the UK? Maybe you’re wanting to send a special Christmas or Easter barrel to family or friends in Jamaica. Maybe you’re sending household goods ahead of an anticipated move.

Whatever your reason for needing to ship items overseas to Jamaica, before you pack your barrel or fill a crate to ship, you will need to know the time it takes for shipment and what factors are involved, such as distance, time of year, and how often your shipping company ships to Jamaica.

Also, learn about the important details of packing and labeling as well as what paperwork the recipient will need to clear the barrel so it doesn’t experience any unnecessary delays.

You will want to know how long it takes a barrel to reach Jamaica. Find out from the experts how long it takes for a barrel to reach Jamaica from the UK.

Distance Makes a Difference in How Long It Takes to Ship

Travel Time

The amount of miles and distance involved is going to have an impact on how long the shipment will take to get to Jamaica. Generally speaking, if a shipment is coming from nearby,
it will obviously take less time than if it’s coming from far away.

For a barrel to make it from the UK to Jamaica usually takes approximately 14 to 21 days or two to three weeks. So, be sure to plan ahead accordingly and schedule your shipment to arrive on time by preparing your shipment a few weeks ahead of time.

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Time of Year Matters

Busy Season Can Slow down a Shipment

A big consideration when shipping to Jamaica is to take into consideration what time of year it is.

There are busy seasons that usually occur during the holidays of Easter and Christmas.

During Easter, which usually occurs in March or April, Christmas season, starting in November through December, and summertime with festivals, Independence and back-to-school time are always quite busy.

With all of these extra shipments arriving, barrels or crates can get slowed down since each shipment has to be loaded, unloaded, and pass through
customs. This all takes time and requires a full workforce on staff. It’s usually better to arrive early rather than late.

To make sure your shipment arrives on time, schedule your shipping before each busy season kicks in full force.

Your Shipping Company Makes a Difference

Reputation Matters, so Ask the Right Questions

Ask your shipping company how often they send shipments to Jamaica.

Most experienced shipping companies will have a weekly shipment to Jamaica. This assures that if you miss the boat, you will only have to wait no more than a week for the next opportunity to ship. Make sure the company you use is reliable and has a good reputation.

Additional Considerations in Shortening Shipping Time to Jamaica from the UK

Now that you’ve chosen a reliable shipping company, you’ve planned ahead and had your shipment scheduled to arrive on time, don’t let an oversight on your part be the reason it
arrives late. Avoid unnecessary delays by making sure you label everything well, pack securely, and prepare the proper paperwork.

Label Everything Well

After you have everything packed and ready to send, make sure you label everything properly so there is no question as to where the barrel or crate is intended ongoing.

Include the shipper’s name and address as well as the last and first name of the receiver, the receiver’s address making sure you include the parish and Jamaican port. Write all of this in large, bold lettering to be easily seen from a distance. It also doesn’t hurt to include labels on the inside in case the barrel opens and items get separated.

Pack Securely

When you’ve done everything else right to make sure your shipment arrives in a timely manner, the last thing you want to do is make a mistake in packing that holds it up and makes
it arrive late. When you pack a barrel, ensure that you have a strong foundation by placing the heaviest items on the bottom and building from there. Make sure your fragile items are wrapped to ensure protection with bubble wrap, tissue paper, and cloths, or use other soft items in the barrel to surround the fragile item and protect it from breaking during shipment.

Placing a glass or breakable items inside a plastic container and then surrounding it with soft cushion packaging is a good idea. Also, protect your clothing and other household items from
liquids spilling on them by packing everything first inside a sealed plastic container or plastic bag.

Gather Paperwork

Nothing is more frustrating than showing up to receive your shipment only to find out it’s going to be delayed because you don’t have all of the necessary paperwork. Even though your goods shipped on time and in good shape, they cannot be handed over to the recipient until all of the paperwork is in order and it clears customs.

Once your items have arrived safely and on time to Jamaica from the UK, they will need to clear customs before the receiver will be able to collect them. Remind the recipient to bring along the TRN, the Bill of Lading, and proper identification when they come to pick up their shipment.

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