Shipping Barells To Jamaica Size and Dimensions

Quality. Security. Innovation.

Carib Shipping has an ideal plastic drum solution, whatever the size. We supply our customers with Mauser type drums drums are well suited for shipping households goods to Jamaica from the UK.  The barrels are very durable and unlinke the cheaper wide mouth barrels, these drums are very difficult to burst during transit.

The durability of the drums we supply are very critical to sustain the heavy movement during ocean transit inside shipping containers.

You can purchase one or more of our drums by using our booking online system any time of the day.

Our plastic drums are:

  • Ideal for liquid and powder / solid filling products.
  • UN approved for liquids and solids
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Available with a barrier layer or as a conductive version (EX)
  • Allow a numbered locking seal to be added for security of your goods

Barrel Volume Details

Nominal Volume {l}      220

Brimful Volume {l}*      225

Body weight {kg}*        7.030

Diameter {mm}*          585

Height {mm}***          975/983

Closure                          S480

UN homologation {1H2}***     x287/S