container shipping terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for Container shipping UK to Caribbean



  1. a) The 'Customer' is the company or individual placing the order and paying our charges.
  2. b) The 'Site' is the address, including the actual position at the address, where a container is to be deposited or lifted or the where the goods will be loaded to be removed to our depot location
  3. c) An 'Agent' is any intermediary authorised by the 'Customer', who passes instructions or information to us.
  4. d) The 'Consignee/or' is the individual or company to whom or from whom a container is consigned.
  5. e) The 'Job Price', unless agreed otherwise in writing, is:
  6. i) Valid for 30 days.
  7. ii) Fuel surcharge is applied at rate on date of job.

iiI) The rate quoted and confirmed in writing.

  1. iv) In the absence of confirmation in writing, our standard tariff rate

The Terms

You will be responsible for packing your items suitable for transit inside the container. If you can arrange your own transport you can elect to deliver your items to our depot.

We provide 7 working days free storage as our demurrage inclusive in the quotation for removal of your goods and/or the container export. After 7 working days further storage charges will be applied if delay of export is caused on your part.

Booking is confirmed once full payment in advance is made for the collection (if required) and packing and export of your container from UK to Jamaica.

Once we have your household items safely stored in our depot we will take an inventory of your goods.

We then book a 20/40 ft container to be delivered to our depot where your household items are loaded into the container.

There is a weight limit of 23 tonnes for containers to be loaded in the UK, but don’t worry, that’s plenty of weight capacity for most persons.

Once we load your goods you are provided with a Bill Of Lading for the receiver in Jamaica to clear your goods.  You can get an estimate of the costs likely to be faced when clearing your container for the local releasing agent by using our clearing costs calculator here.  The volume of your shipment container will be contained on your Bill of Lading which is required for the cost estimator. Alternatively, you can use the container sizes page to calculate the volume of your container to input into the releasing agent cost calculator.

Container/Transport Bookings: Any booking cancelled less than 2 working days before drop/ load / collection date, will incur a full cancellation fee of the haulage cost.

Surcharges: The price is subject to any Emergency Surcharges, War Risks, GRIs, or any other surcharges applied by the shipping lines after the date that the quote was given
and also before, during or after a vessel has sailed.

Payment terms:
Unless a credit account is in place with Carib shipping ALL agreed / invoiced charges are payable in full prior to any container positioning or collection.

Vehicle Log Books: All vehicles leaving the UK MUST have a current copy V5 Registration Document, New keeper Slip (or Bill of Sale if not possible), or Copy Last/Current
MOT Cert surrendered to us BY EMAIL for presentation to the Port Police. No vehicle can be exported out of the UK without prior acceptance by the Port Police. Failure to supply
can lead to the container being refused loading permission or if already at sea it could be ordered as returned to the UK at your cost for further inspection.

Tracking Documents: If we are to make an application on your behalf we must have a clear copy of an Invoice and packing list clearly showing goods that are for export and
their values. Without this document we are unable to apply for the certificate on your behalf.

Shipper and Consignee Details: This should include Name, Address and for the consignee we also require an email and phone number. These details are essential for
preparing your Bill of Lading and Export Customs Declaration. Your container cannot be shipped without this information.

Functionality Testing: It is your sole responsibility to ensure that all of your electronic devices are PAT Tested and Functionality tested prior to loading. All relevant certificates and records of this must be submitted to us immediately, an you must place a copy of each certificate inside the container (By doors on right hand side wall) and a copy retained by you. Failure to do so could lead to intervention by the Environmental Agency (EA) with all costs incurred being payable by you.

Insurance: Insurance Cover is not included in any shipment, please let us have your Insurance cover requests if required and we will quote as appropriate. We are not responsible for damage of your items during road or sea transit from UK to the Caribbean.

Sailing timings: All Sailing Dates, ETA’s and Transit Times indicated are provisional and subject to change at any time without prior warning/notice. You can arrange to track your container using the shipping lines website and entering your container number. Please note that schedules remain indicative until the container has arrived.

Max Cargo weight: This is 19000kgs. If heavier we must be advised in writing of this and the price will be re calculated. Failure to notify us of the loading weight being above
this will incur additional charges and also possible fines to your account.

Trading Terms: All transport work is carried out under Carib Shipping standard trading terms and conditions;

What documentation and export clearance is included in the cost of exporting Containers UK to Jamaica?

We include:

  • BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor)
  • CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor)
  • UK THC (UK terminal Handling charge),
  • ISPS (International Shipand Port Facility Security Code)
  • VGM (Verified Gross Mass) included in the cost,

please note BAF & CAF are variable at the time of shipment


  1. a) Carib Shipping, except where it is proven negligent, will not accept liability for costs and will be indemnified by the Customer

against liability for any costs arising where:

  1. i) Consequential losses and/or liquidated damages of any sort are sustained.
  2. ii) A Carib Shipping vehicle arrives late for any reason.

iii) Damage occurs on Site for any reason.

  1. iv) Incorrect instructions are issued by a source which Carib Shipping might reasonably conclude to be the

Customer, the Agent or the Consignee/or

  1. v) Container Detention charges are levied (unless details of liability notified in writing before commencement

of job).

  1. vi) Loss/Theft occurs of documents accompanying the container and carried by the driver.

vii) Damage to third party vehicles or rail wagons is sustained resulting from lifting on or lifting off containers.

viii) Costs are incurred by Customers or other parties resulting from incorrect or incomplete information being

supplied to Carib Shipping.

  1. ix) A container is used for any illegal purpose.
  2. b) Carib Shipping will not accept costs incurred resulting from acceptance by Carib Shipping drivers of containers that are not fit for their purpose in any way


  1. i) The container has obvious and serious damage to the sides or ends that can be clearly seen from outside the container.
  2. ii) The container is not the type or size ordered on the instructions to Carib Shipping.

iii) Carib Shipping have agreed in writing to make a special inspection and have failed to do so.

  1. c) Damage or other costs have arisen through the Carib Shipping driver, without written authorisation, assisting or advising on packing or unpacking of goods.
  2. d) Claims arising from damage/obstruction caused by Carib Shipping acting on instructions from the Customer, Agent or the Consignee/or.
  3. e) Recovery of a Carib Shipping vehicle from a Site is required for any reason other than the breakdown of the vehicle.
  4. f) Costs are incurred by Carib Shipping, of any nature whatsoever, arising from mis-declaration or omission of information from the Customer or Agent.
  5. g) Damage to containers or contents under any circumstances which is not reported within 48hrs of discovery.
  6. Refunds & Cancellations

Jobs that are cancelled for any reason will be charged/refunded as follows:

  1. i) If a confirmed job is cancelled two working days before the job is due to commence, including the commencement of any ancillary work in preparation for the job, a full refund will be given.
  2. ii) If a confirmed job is cancelled before midday on the working day before the job is due to commence a 50% refund of the full Job Price will be given.

iii) If a confirmed job is cancelled after midday on the working day before the job is due to commence the job will be charged at the full Job Price. No refund will be given.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you arrange Door-to-Door Delivery for Container shipping from UK to Jamaica?

No, we cannot. We export goods from UK to Jamaica ports only. You would have to arrange for a delivery of your goods the final mile from the port to your address in Jamaica. We can assist you will truck driver details in Jamaica who can facilitate this delivery service. However, we are not affiliated with any delivery service in Jamaica.

Do I need a licence to export a container?

We advise all persons to make themselves aware of the terms and conditions relating to export of your goods. You can visit the Jamaica Customs website for more information.

As far as household goods are concerned, you do not need a licence to export a container of household goods.  You can review our returning residents policy page to assess if you qualify for any dispensations on duties on import of your items.

Do you Provide tracking of the container?

Yes we do, we have invested heavily in the required technology to provide our customer with tracking facilities for containers exported from UK to Jamaica.  You can use the tracking link provided on your Bill of Lading or input the tracking reference link into the tracking page. Alternatively, your can manually track your container using our sailing schedule date page.

Are there any items prohibited to load into a container?

Yes. Please review this page on prohibited items that cannot be loaded into a container and which will be required to be declared prior to export.


Who is responsible for paying customs duties in Jamaica?

The receiver in Jamaica is responsible for paying all clearance and customs duties that are levied in Jamaica.