Dos and Donts Shipping to Kingston Jamaica

Shipping to Kingston, Jamaica doesn’t have to be overwhelming and complicated. So long as you follow some basic instructions and don’t violate any restrictions, your shipment will arrive safely to where you intend it to go. Follow these 5 Dos and Don’ts shipping to Kingston Jamaica and you'll get all the information you need.

Do's and Don't Shipping to Kingston Jamaica

Do make sure your shipment is the proper size, it’s packed securely, labelled well, and sent to the correct port

Barrel Shipping from UK to Jamaica Barrel Size Dimensions

Do measure and pack your items to fit within the barrel or crate 

Drum Shipping from UK to Jamaica Drum Size DimensionsMake sure the items you are shipping properly fit within the barrel or crate you are shipping it in. Remember that the measurements inside the container are slightly less than what the actual barrel or crate measures on the outside. Most crates come in 20 or 40 feet sizes, but there are smaller or odd-shaped options to fit your needs. To determine the actual space available for shipping, multiply the width by the length by the height of the inside measurements. See shipping sizing conversion charts for accurate details.

Do Pack securely and label your barrel or crate properly

Pack your items so they make it across the ocean. Be sure to put heavy items toward the bottom followed by any breakable items, placed inside a separate plastic container and surrounded with bubble wrap or soft, cushioned items. Finally, add any toiletries or items with heavy scents on top. Preferably wrap everything inside a plastic bag or plastic container as you pack. Secure with tape any corks or lids on items containing liquids.

Once your barrel or crate has been packed, be Barrel Shipping from UK to Jamaica Label Packaging - Dos and Donts shipping to Kingston to label it properly. Include the receiver’s name, first and last name, local post office to receiver, address of receiver, parish of receiver, and Jamaica, W. I. Write with big block letters so it can easily be read from a distance.

Do ship your cargo directly to the Kingston port

It may sound obvious, but when you are shipping to Jamaica, make sure your goods are going to one of the main ports, Kingston Wharves is one of the largest and most efficient port locations on the island. The staff on hand has experience handling shipments and will understand all of the rules and regulations for imports and exports.


Do use a reliable shipping company

Do trust your items to a professional

One of the easiest, most efficient, and fastest way to make sure you are following all of the dos and don’ts of shipping to Kingston is to hire a shipping agent. To make sure you are abiding by all of the rules and regulations of shipping to Kingston, it’s a good idea to entrust your goods with a shipping agent who is trustworthy and has experience with shipments to and from Kingston, Jamaica.

Shipping from UK to Jamaica Barrels Cargo Paperwork - Dos and Donts shipping to Kingston Do get your paperwork in order and cover your valuables with protection from damage.

The fastest and easiest way to make it through customs once your items arrive in Jamaica is to make sure you have all of your paperwork in order. To clear customs, you or the person picking up the shipment, will need a Bill of Lading, valid identification, and TRN along with possible additional paperwork if necessary.

Even the best packing job can go wrong when crates are being picked up with a forklift and moved on and off of the ship, stacked on top of each other, and then sent across an ocean where they will be unloaded and once again moved using a forklift. The most reliable way to make sure your items are completely protected is to insure them against damage and loss. When you insure your items, be sure to ask about cargo or all risk marine insurance. Make sure you also make a list of full valuation of everything you are shipping.

Take good pictures of each item before packing them as an extra precautionary step for proof of what you shipped and its condition before shipping, if it becomes necessary.

Don’t break the law or try to slip by shipping company rules and regulations

Don’t ship restricted items to or from restricted zones

  • There are limitations on shipping vehicles. In Jamaica, you are generally allowed to ship two allowed vehicles within a three-year period.
  • Avoid shipping to restricted zones. Check to make sure the shipping company handles the area to which you want to ship. Some do not do domestic shipping or serve zones where ground shipping is possible. Avoid shipping your items to destinations that require hiring a local agent to take responsibility for the cargo.
  • Don’t ship exports to restricted areas. Check restrictions on exports since they vary greatly across destination countries.
  • Do not send shipments that are improperly sized. Check to make sure your items fit and meet minimum or maximum measurement requirements.
  • Do not ship animals, perishables, weapons, illegal substances, dangerous products, or flammables.

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