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A guide to ship household goods to your family in Jamaica from London

5 Must-Know Things to Know When Shipping Household Items to Jamaica from London

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of shipping something to another country. Honestly, the right choice of one word would be daunting. It's no less than a short horror story to send something to your loved ones across the borders. However, thankfully, things are changing now, and shipping household goods has become a part of a routine thing.

In this blog, we are talking about shipping barrels to your family in Jamaica from London. Again, since the borders are involved, the first thing that might hit your mind would be to deny your loved ones in Jamaica for something they ask you to get from London.

These were the worries of the past and when the shipping processes to Jamaica were inefficient. However, with the service of Carib shipping, shipping household items has become easier than imagined. Yes, you read that right!

Now, it should be the least of your worries as to how you will be sending household items to the loved ones in Jamaica and, in fact, start collecting the items that you have always longed to send to your family in Jamaica.

With the long list of items, you don't have to think about the shipping process since Carib shipping has covered you for that.

Have some queries in mind? Then, let's talk about them in detail!

Items That You Can or Cannot Ship to Jamaica

The first and foremost question that comes to anyone’s mind when deciding to ship the household items to Jamaica is what exactly they can ship from London. Well, to be precise, at Carib shipping, we ship almost everything. But, of course, there is an exception too!

The list of household items can be very extensive. It can range from anything used in the kitchen to the restroom or perishable and non-perishable items. Hence, it's a valid question to ask that what households are prohibited from sending.

Every item that is hazardous to life is prohibited. This includes flammable, corrosive, explosive items. Moreover, you cannot ship fresh fruits and vegetables, food that requires a refrigerator, baked goods. Basically, you get the idea of the things that you can ship from London to Jamaica.

However, if you are still baffled by whether you can ship this item via us or not, you can contact us directly to know the eligibility of that particular item.

Insurance for your shipment to Jamaica

This is the one point that leaves the shipment sender confused. So, first things first, you can only claim for insurance if you sign and mail the insurance declaration form to Carib shipping, which means that you cannot claim insurance over items that you haven't filled and emailed the form for.

Secondly, let's talk about how you can claim your insurance and in what scenarios. You can claim for your insurance when you have contacted the company regarding the insurance declaration and when the entire barrel, drum, or shipment package is lost. This leaves us with the follow-up question of in what case you cannot get your insurance. Well, if you lose an individual household item from the whole package that you have been shipping to Jamaica, you cannot claim for your loss. Similarly, if only one item is damaged, you cannot claim insurance. And the same case goes for the late shipment delivery of your household items to Jamaica from London. Learn more about insurance here!

The only valid reason for demanding the insurance is when the entire barrel, package, or drum is lost.

If you have paid the premium while filling the insurance declaration form, then you can claim up to £300 depending on the value of the contents of the household items in the barrel.

While all of these might be your valid concerns and unforeseen mishaps do occur, we are a top choice for the UK people to send gifts and other household items to Jamaica for a reason.

This could be because we are specialized in shipping to the Caribbean, which gives us comprehensive knowledge about how we can manage everything smoothly. And that's why we live by Your items just have to reach, we get that 100%."

The Packing of The Household Items

The packing of the shipment plays a crucial part. You know why, well, imaging send the broken or damaged household items to your precious ones living in Jamaica. You can blame them too; they have traveled all the way from London, no?

You know the only way out of it is to pack the items carefully according to the nature of the product. Some household items are fragile, while others don't require excessive wrapping and everything.

At Carib shipping, we don't provide the packaging services yet. This means you need to be extra careful when sending your household cargo to us.

However, that nowhere means where are going to leave you hanging there just like that. We provide suitable packaging materials that fit best with your household item nature. But this offer is not applicable for online booking.

Wondering how sending the packing material works? We will send the packaging material along with the cargo rider, who will also be picking up the cargo from you. This means the driver will wait while you are packing the household items for the rider to talk along with them.

However, that doesn't mean you are bound to give the rider the package right away. If you think that packing the household item will take a long, you get the rider to collect it at a later date.

Will My Shipment Be Delivered on Doorsteps?

If you choose Carib shipping, you are choosing a hassle-free experience for shipping household items to your family in Jamaica from London. We have recently introduced the door-to-door service which provides you with the utmost ease of shipping the items across the London borders.

You can check out our sailing schedule to know when you need our door-to-door services.

The Cost of Shipping the Household Goods to Jamaica

The answer to this query completely relies on the size of your cargo package, which we measure on the basis of cubic meters.

In case you have any doubts, we are a leading shipping service provide from London to Jamaica, and we provide high quality, effortless, and smooth services at the most reasonable prices.

You can get the estimated price quote here!

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Why Choose Carib Shipping for Shipping Household Items from London to Jamaica?

We Cater Everywhere in London

Irrespective of where you reside in London, as long as you are there, we collect from you. The point being, you don't necessarily have to belong to a specific area for us to be able to collect the household cargo items from you.

We Have the Fastest Transit Times from London to Jamaica

Now, this is where we facilitate our customers the most. You don't have to wait for weeks or months for the next transit time if you are unable to miss one. We have a rigorous and extensive sailing schedule in place for the ease of our customers.

We Are a Reliable Service Provider

When it comes to shipping, what matters the most is that the service provider is trustworthy because you are trusting them with your valuable household items that you are hoping to get shipped to Jamaica. In that case, you can't trust anyone, and it's your right to do some background research before you choose anyone.

We are specialized in shipping to the Caribbean, and you don't have to worry about the shipping process once. Also, we will provide value to your money.

We Are Simply the Best!

We are the fastest, offer several transit times, charge the most reasonable prices according to the quality service we provide, ensure customer satisfaction, and believe in excellence. All that automatically makes us the best and worthy shipping service provider from London to Jamaica.

It's about time you give us a try for shipping barrels from London to Jamaica. Contact us for more information.