How Much to Ship a Container to Jamaica from UK

How Much to Ship a Container to Jamaica from UK

Don’t get ripped off by agents or middlemen, learn for yourself how much to ship a container from the UK to Jamaica from the experts at Carib Shipping.

Here’s How Much to Ship a Container to Jamaica from UK

Don’t get ripped off by agents or middlemen, learn for yourself how much to ship a container from UK to Jamaica.

Almost one million Caribbean residents currently living in the UK, shipping goods back and forth is almost an everyday occurrence. When you need to ship goods to or from Jamaica and the UK, you will need to know the exact costs involved from packing to clearing customs. You need the most affordable method that will get your goods there and through customs in the most efficient manner.

It’s important to understand all of the costs involved from deciding on selecting a shipping agent you can trust, making sure your goods are packed properly in the most affordably sized barrel or crate, and that your items are protected from damage. Following explains all you need to know about how much it will cost to ship a container to Jamaica from the UK.

Choose the Best Shipping Company

Make Sure Your Items Are in Good Hands

Using a shipping agent is a good idea to streamline the process. It may seem like an added cost, but often the peace of mind a shipping agent provides is worth the cost. When you are entrusting your goods with a shipping agent, you need to be sure the company is reliable and trustworthy. Determine this by checking out their reputation. Ask friends and family members for recommendations, and be sure to find real customers who have used the shipping agent.
Ask how frequently the company ships cargo. Finally, be sure any charge they quote you is within your budget.

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Ship to Main Ports

Send Your Cargo to Montego Bay or Kingston Wharves

One cost-saving and time-saving step is to make sure your goods are being shipped to the main port in the major city where your items are headed.

In Jamaica, these ports include Kingston Wharves or Montego Bay. One is located toward the north of the island and the other on the southern side.

Main ports are staffed with workers who deal with shipping cargo every day, so they have a great deal of experience handling shipments and will understand all of the rules and regulations for imports and exports. Ultimately, the more competent and experienced the port workers, the more efficient your shipment will be handled, giving you more value for your money.

Packaging and Measuring Matters

Measure Twice, and Package Well

Filling the barrel or container properly with well-packed goods will save you money and time in clearing customs. Be sure that your items are properly packaged so they won’t become damaged during shipment. This means making sure there is no empty spaces inside the barrel or container allowing fragile items to roll around.

Measure Carefully and Accurately

You will also need to know the exact size of your barrel or container before shipping them.

To determine the size of a container, multiply the width by the length by the height, keeping in mind that the actual inside of a container differs slightly from the outside measurements.
Containers typically come in 20 and 40 feet, sometimes smaller or odd-sized options are available. While barrels are approximately 55-gallon drums. Make sure you use the container that best fits your items and overall needs.
Also, make sure you understand how you will be charged to fill or partially fill a container.

When it comes to barrels, you get the most value for your money by packing it full and systematically, with heavy items on the bottom and fragile items properly wrapped. When it comes to container packing, determine which method is best – to fill a container with only your items or to share the space with other shippers.

Purchase Insurance

Make Sure Your Valuables Are Protected from Damage

Though, you may be tempted to save money by avoiding an added insurance cost, keep in mind that if even the smallest mistake happens during shipment, you will be covered if you thought ahead to buy coverage for your items.

The best way to make sure your items are completely protected is to insure them against damage and loss. No matter what the overall cost is adding up to be, if something goes wrong, the money savings is not worth the risk.

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