Door-To-Door Delivery for Barrels/Drums

From £220.00




Price excludes collection surcharge from London address - calculated at checkout.

Minimum charge < 0.6 cubic M = Kingston £65 / Mobay £85.

We pay all taxes, duties and releasing agents fees, including home delivery to your receiver in Jamaica and there is no need for attendance to the Wharf, With the exception of*.

Door to Door is for Barrels & Drums only.

Once you book this service you will be sent address and consignee details for your package to be received to our depot. All packages sent to our depot must be Pre-booked using this service otherwise they will be returned to sender and you may be liable for re-delivery costs.

Quotes will be provided by the time we receive your package and take its measurements. Price includes the cost of Receiving, Processing and Storing. Shipping costs are NOT included.

*We rely on your measurements to be accurate. Once we collect your items your measurements will be rechecked, for example to include the size of any pallets. We reserve the right to amend your volume calculations and present additional pro-rata charges prior to your shipment sailing.

What is included in the price: Collection/Receiving, Ocean Freight, 7 Days UK Storage, UK Handling charges, Delivery to one destination address, UK Customs Clearance, Duty up to Jamaica Dollars J$6500 per Barrel/Drum with contents no greater than £300 in value. Optional Extras: Empty Packaging, Marine Insurance. Learn More.

What is not included in the price*: Storage in Jamaica (up to 5 working days), Marine insurance, Empty Packaging, Wrapping & Packing, Aborted Deliveries, More than one consignee, Delivery to more than one destination address, Fines/Fees for mis-declarations of cargo/or marks advised by the shipper, Duty over Jamaica Dollars J$6500 per Barrel/Drum or contents greater than £300 in value. .

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What’s included in the door-to-door service?

Booking “Door to Door” shipment for Jamaica 
1. Door to Door is for Barrels & Drums only. 
2. All customers to be quoted by email, and terms & conditions accepted and confirmed.
3. Full payment to be made prior to collection -unless on approved by RW Smith.
4. The Parish must  be obtained as well as the town.
5. Full consignee details to be obtained – Full Name as it appears on Passport/ID and at least one telephone contact number.
6. Second barrel seal to be provided by customer and taped to inside of lid & recorded on database.
7. Barrels/Drums to be labelled “Door to Door” by Tony Jones.
8. Weekly list of all door to door shipments to be sent to JFS.
9. Bill of Lading Consignee must be c/o Jamaica Freight & Shipping Co. Lts –
ie Consignee Name second Line to reac C/O. Jamaica Freight & Shipping Co. Ltd Jamaica and the consignee address.

What is included in the price:
Ocean Freight
7 Days UK Storage
UK Handling charges
Delivery to one destination address
UK Customs Clearance
Duty up to Jamaica Dollars J$6500 per Barrel/Drum

Optional Extras
Empty Packaging
Marine Insurance

What is not included in the price:
Storage in Jamaica
Marine insurance
Empty Packaging
Wrapping & Packing
Waster Journeys
More than one consignee
Delivery to more than one destination address
Fines/Fees for mis-declarations of cargo/or marks advised by the shipper.
Duty over Jamaica Dollars J$6500 per Barrel/Drum

Additional information

Amount of Barrels/Drums

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Parish Area

Kingston 1-12, St Andrew, St Catherine, St Mary, St Thomas, Clarendon, Manchester, Trelawny, St. Ann, Portland, St Elizabeth, Hanover, St James, Westmoreland