Need a Shipping Company for Your Containers From London to Guyana?

Shipping your containers to Guyana doesn’t have to be the daunting task that it might seem. When you employ Carib Shipping to handle your London to Guyana shipping, you can sit back, relax, and watch us tackle the hard work.

Our ties with fully-accredited shipping agents and service partners mean you will receive the first-class service when you choose us.

During our years in the industry, we have worked effortlessly to hone our Caribbean shipping solutions and to maintain economic shipping costs to Guyana without ever compromising on the quality of service our clients receive.

Our reputation as one of the most reliable and trusted shipping companies for containers in the UK is hard earned and has been solidified through our partnerships with a number of overseas shipping organisations and some glowing customer testimonials.

Container Shipping to Jamaica

Shipping Containers from London to Jamaica Carib Shipping

Shipping Containers to Guyana has never been easier than with the help of the professionals at Carib Shipping. Your efforts end at requesting a free quote using our online calculator; after that, you just sit and watch us take the lead.

We pack, store, load, and ship them; we even administrate all the necessary paperwork and documentation.

What is included in the Container Shipping Service and How does it work? 


We do not deliver shipping containers to residential addresses.  Back in the day we did, but due to so many parking restrictions and local authority permits we no longer deliver containers to residential addresses.

We start by assessing the size of the container you require to export your household goods to Guyana. This can be done by a site visit to your property or by way of video call or photos of the items you require exported.

We will provide you with a quote to remove the items from you home to our Depot Location for loading.

You will be responsible for packing your items suitable for transit inside the container. If you can arrange your own transport you can elect to deliver your items to our depot

We provide 7 working days free storage as our demurrage inclusive in the quotation for removal of your goods and/or the container export. After 7 working days further storage charges will be applied if delay of export is caused on your part.

Booking is confirmed once full payment in advance is made for the collection (if required) and packing and export of your container from UK to Guyana.

Once we have your household items safely stored in our depot we will take an inventory of your goods.

We then book a 20/40 ft container to be delivered to our depot where your household items are loaded into the container.

There is a weight limit of 23 tonnes for containers to be loaded in the UK, but don’t worry, that’s plenty of weight capacity for most persons.

Once we load your goods you are provided with a Bill Of Lading for the receiver in Guyana to clear your goods.  You can get an estimate of the costs likely to be faced when clearing your container for the local releasing agent by using our clearing costs calculator here.  The volume of your shipment container will be contained on your Bill of Lading which is required for the cost estimator. Alternatively, you can use the container sizes page to calculate the volume of your container to input into the releasing agent cost calculator.

You can find out more about the costs of shipping a container UK to Guyana on our page here.

Frequently asked questions:

Do we sell containers?

No. We do not sell containers. When you purchase the container export service from UK to Guyana we only hire the container for export from port to port. The container cannot leave the port in Guyana for door-to-door delivery.


Can you arrange Door-to-Door Delivery for Container shipping from UK to Guyana?

No, we cannot. We export goods from UK to Guyana ports only. You would have to arrange for a delivery of your goods the final mile from the port to your address in Guyana. We can assist you with truck driver details in Guyana who can facilitate this delivery service. However, we are not affiliated with any delivery service in Guyana.

Do I need a licence to export a container?

We advise all persons to make themselves aware of the terms and conditions relating to export of your goods. You can visit the Guyana Customs website for more information.

As far as household goods are concerned, you do not need a licence to export a container of household goods.

Do you Provide tracking of the container?

Yes we do, we have invested heavily in the required technology to provide our customer with tracking facilities for containers exported from UK to Guyana.  You can use the tracking link provided on your Bill of Lading or input the tracking reference link into the tracking page. Alternatively, your can manually track your container using our sailing schedule date page.

Are there any items prohibited to load into a container?

Yes. Please review this page on prohibited items that cannot be loaded into a container and which will be required to be declared prior to export.


What documentation and export clearance is included in the cost of exporting Containers UK to Guyana?

We include:

  • BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor)
  • CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor)
  • UK THC (UK terminal Handling charge),
  • ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code)
  • VGM (Verified Gross Mass) included in the cost,

please note BAF & CAF are variable at the time of shipment

Who is responsible for paying customs duties in Jamaica?

The receiver in Jamaica is responsible for paying all clearance and customs duties that are levied in Jamaica.


What are the Costs of shipping a container UK to Jamaica?

Please review our costs page here


Where in Guyana Can I Send my Container?


We have been fine-tuning our services for many years now and we have come to realise that no two worldwide shippers are the same. This is also the case for individual budgets and requirements, therefore we adapt our solutions to suit your personal needs; this is just one of the reasons why we are a highly regarded shipping company from London to Guyana.

We offer delivery of your barrels to Georgetown Port. You clear your items through one of two local agents which can be located on our destination information page.

What items can I ship to Guyana?


Our accomplished packers and movers can ship just about anything. During our years in the industry, we have shipped everything from clothing, office furniture, vehicles, musical instruments, golf clubs, surfboards, TVs, home furniture and everything in-between. Whatever you are sending to Guyana, we can handle it! If you have something you are a little unsure of, please don’t hesitate to call us at any time… there is always a friendly voice to help at Carib Shipping.


What items can I NOT ship to Guyana?

Commonly Prohibited items include:

  • Plants
  • Perishable items
  • Drugs
  • Intoxicating beverages
  • Meat products
  • Tobacco
  • Firearms
  • Animals

Why should I choose Carib Shipping?

We could go on for hours about why you should choose Carib Shipping to move your containers from London to Guyana, but here are just a few we can touch on:

  • You are given a barrel shipment coordinator to make the process simple and to answer your queries as soon as you have any!
  • Free, no-obligation shipping quote
  • Our online services make provide 24hr access to our containers quotation services
  • Our online booking service provides convenient access to our containers collection and drop of services 24hrs a day
  • Price match service (even though we have the best shipping rates)
  • All-inclusive containers packing and shipping services available upon request

If you would like to discuss your shipping feel free to contact us, alternatively we encourage users to use our online booking facility to arrange a quotation or book delivery of packaging or collection for shipping.