Containers Shipping Sales

Shipping containers from London to Jamaica are the best way of safe & secure transit of various effects.

We ship full containers to either Kingston or Montego Bay.

Contact us to discuss options for delivery, collection, and shipment of a new or used shipping container.

We sell CSC plated Cargo worthy. New and used Containers for conversions, storage, and freight

Containers can be delivered and collected from any address within London.

Sizes available from 10ft up to 40ft.

Standard container size

10ft container length 2.819 width 2.337 height 2.591

20ft container length 5.900 width 2.352 height 2.591 (USED = £1956.99) (NEW = £2964.99 TO PURCHASE)*

40ft container length 12.034 width 2.352 height 2.591 (USED = £2439.99) (NEW = £4349.99 TO PURCHASE)*

(*prices subject to change)

When ordered to ship, it will come on the back of a 44 ton lorry about 1220m off the ground this height will differ depend on trailer type.

You also have an option to have a container placed on the ground (terms & conditions apply)

It is always best to have us load & secure your cargo with our experienced load team or you can have your own load team with enough hands on deck to complete the load within 2-3 hours depending on the size of container or demurrage charges apply after full or part hour.