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Shipping your vehicle to Dominica doesn’t have to be the daunting task that it might seem. When you employ Carib Shipping to handle your London to Dominica shipping, you can sit back, relax, and watch us tackle the hard work.

Our ties with fully-accredited shipping agents and service partners mean you will receive the first-class service when you choose Carib Shipping for London to Dominica fright forwarding.

During our years in the industry, we have worked effortlessly to hone our Caribbean shipping solutions and to maintain economic shipping costs to Dominica without ever compromising on the quality of service our clients receive.



Shipping Vehicles to Dominica


Our reputation as one of the most reliable and trusted shipping companies for vehicles from the London to Dominica is hard earned and has been solidified through our partnerships with a number of overseas shipping organisations and some glowing customer testimonials.

Shipping Vehicles to Dominica has never been easier than with the help of the professionals at Carib Shipping. Your efforts end at requesting a free quote using our online calculator; after that, you just sit and watch us take the lead of your international shipping to Dominica.

We pack, store, load, and ship vehicles to Dominica; we even administrate all the necessary paperwork and documentation prior to your shipping from the London to Dominica.



Shipping Company from London to Jamaica  


What should you do to obtain a quote to ship your vehicle to Dominica

In order to obtain a quote to ship your vehicle we require the following information:

The maximum dimensions of the vehicle in each direction:

A - Length [ from end to end]

B - Width [the widest part of the vehicle including the mirrors or wide tyres]

C - Height [this to include the tallest part of the vehicle, i.e for trucks, the top exhaust]

D - Make and Model

E - Port of Discharge (Roseau Port)

Please use our Vehicle Quick quote service to pass this information onto our back office.


Any exceptions to your measurements will result in a price change or possible non-shipment of your vehicle. If you require us to measure the vehicle, we can do this for FREE if you visit our office.




You cannot use any of the space in the vehicle to ship any other items or smaller vehicles. This just causes too much headache for the clearance. So we don't want waste our clients time to do this. Maybe another shipper will, but we won't.


Methods of Shipment.

Their are two methods to transport your vehicle

1 - Inside a high volume metal container


Vehicles Shipping UK to Jamaica

2 - A Flat Rack system for larger vehicles such as trucks.

Flat racks  are mostly used to ship oversized vehicles such are trucks, box vans, JCB Plant and machinery.

Like most other shipping transport containers flat racks are built to take very heavy loads up to 40 tonnes and harsh weather conditions.

Flat racks are interlocking and can be stacked on a ship once the cargo is within the specified size restrictions.


Flat Rack Shipping Truck London to Jamaica

The maximum dimensions of a vehicle that can be shipped inside a container are:
A - Length - 11.4m MAX
B - Width - 2.24m MAX
C - Height - 2.45m MAX

The maximum dimensions of a vehicle that can be shipped on a Flat Rack are:
A - Length - 10.5 m MAX
B - Width - 2.5m MAX
C - Height - 3.69m MAX
Please don't send us measurements in Feet and Inches.
If your vehicle is greater than one of more of the above measurements then we cannot ship this for you.


What we need from you to Ship your vehicle.

Once we have given you an accepted quotation and your are ready to ship your vehicle we need the following from you:

A1 - In the case of a vehicle to be transported inside a container, this will need to be delivered to our Rainham Warehouse, London for loading into a high cubic volume container.

A2 - If your vehicle is a large truck to be transported using a Flat Rack, this will have to be delivered to the docks in Tilbury, Essex.

The price of our quotation will contain a professional licensed driver to load your vehicle and secure the unit inside the container or onto a Flat Rack.

B - V5 registration document (to carry out an HPI and Police check to ensure the vehicle is free of finance and not reported stolen)

C - A key to accompany the vehicle during transit.

As per Dominica customs regulations you need to acquire:

D - An import license  (unless the vehicle will be cleared by a registered dealer).

To acquire an import license  you will need to have Tax Compliance Certification and this is obtained from the Main Tax office in Dominica. You will need to demonstrate the persons clearing the vehicle have their Tax status up-to-date, with NIS and NHT contributions paid up-to-date, yes, I can hear you thinking out loud, Dominica getting strict now! It’s about time. All this is relatively time consuming, but it is easy and achievable with a day or two of running around.

E - A pre-shipment inspection certificate for the vehicle.

As of February 1, 2018, The Trade Board Ltd  will no longer be issuing import licenses for any used motor vehicles being imported by individuals or companies without a valid pre-shipment inspection certificate (PSIC).

The PSIC/DDC is intended to transform the Used Motor Vehicle sector by ensuring that vehicles imported for use on the roads of Dominica are of high quality and standard (its about time!!). It will also provide consumers with accurate detailed information pertaining to essential criteria such as:

  • Year of Manufacture
  • Model Year
  • Accurate Odometer Reader
  • First Registration Date
  • Distance (miles/kilometers) Driven
  • Country of Manufacture
  • Country of Export
  • Type and Quality of Fuel
  • Original Manufactured Color
  • Modifications
  • Whether the vehicle had previous structural damage or damage resulting from flood or other natural disasters
  • Percentage Tire Wear
  • Laden/Un-laden Weight (Trucks used for the transportation of cargo)
  • Seating Capacity (trucks used for the transportation of passengers)
  • Microbial contamination
  • Radioactive contamination.

A pre-shipment inspection certificate on the vehicle issued by Autoterminal Japan Limited (ATJ) must accompany the applications for importation of every used motor vehicle originating from the United Kingdom.

Contact details for the company are:

Mr. Wilson Mutabazi
32 Norfolk Road. Dagenham East RM10 8EX. Essex. 
United Kingdom +447887694186, +422393874484 
E- -

You will be required to fill out an application form for your inspection, and pay the required inspection fee .

Full information on the vehicle inspection certificate can be located here.

Once your vehicle has been loaded aboard the selected transatlantic ship we will provide you with tracking information for your consignment. You will be able to use our Online tracking  facility 24 hrs a day to locate your consignment with the estimated time of arrival to your chosen port of discharge.

Do NOT attempt to ship your vehicle without your TCC and Import Licence (unless via a main dealer) and your Condition survey report.
There is no guarantee that you will obtain a license to import a vehicle. I have personally been in Montego bay Tax office and witnessed a UK returning resident refused the import licence and her vehicle was in the Montego bay bonded warehouse. The vehicle had to be returned to the UK as she was not authorised to clear the vehicle. So please use the contact us page if you are unsure of the process, we're happy to help.

F - Your vehicle must be Fit-to-drive – your vehicle must be roadworthy so that it can be manoeuvred on and off the containers and flat racks. Your vehicle must have a valid MOT if it needs one. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive.

Items you will require once you attempt to clear your vehicle in

In addition to the items in the section above.

A - An invoice from the supplier IN YOUR NAME is required for all motor vehicles or motorcycles.

Don’t try to make one up, or get a friend to knock up a cheap receipt on a laptop, you will get embarrassed at Customs. Its not like the old days.

B - Bill of Sight. This is a document on which details of the motor vehicle or motor cycles to be imported are recorded. It is prepared and signed by a customs broker and certified by Customs.

C - Simplified Administrative Document (eSad): This is the electronic document on which all the particulars of the motor vehicle/cycle, the name of the importer, shipping information and the Customs duties are recorded. It is completed by the Customs Broker and submitted to Customs. Only a licensed Customs Broker should complete this form.


Is there an age limit for the importation of motor vehicles?

Amendment to section 6 of the motor vehicle import policy, age of vehicle at importation as of May 2019.

For motor vehicles - Six (6) years
For motorcycles - Six(6) years

For Light Commercial Vehicles:

Pick-ups, Panel/Window Vans, Trucks with unladen weight:

Less than 1,500 kg - six (6) years.
1,501 kg to 3,000 kg - ten (10) years.

Panel vans -ten (10) years
Window vans -ten (10) years

For Buses used for the transportation of passengers:

seating capacity max 8 - six (6) years
seating capacity 30-44 - fourteen (14) years
seating capacity 45 & over - twenty (20) years

For Trucks used for the transportation of cargo with an unladen weight:

3,001 - 6,000 kg - twenty (20) years
6,001 - 8000 kg - twenty five (25) years
over 8000 kg - thirty (30) years

For other heavy duty commercial equipment - thirty (30) years

For information on the current rates and charges please see the 2014 rates for individuals and vehicle clearance charges.

Importation of Damaged Vehicles

The importation of motor vehicles that are considered to be in a damaged or salvaged state is PROHIBITED.

Individuals and Returning Residents

An individual or Returning Resident is allowed to import:

  • one (1) motor car and one (1) light commercial vehicle or
  • two (2) light commercial vehicles;
  • or one (1) light commercial vehicle and a regular commercial vehicle

Individuals residing in Dominica are allowed to access this facility once every three (3) years.

Returning Residents, having accessed the facility within a particular current year would not be eligible to import vehicles in the capacity of an individual until three (3) years after the date of the importation as a Returning Resident.

Applicable to Returning Residents Only:

All categories of motor vehicles: pick-ups, motor cars, trucks, trailers and other heavy duty equipment– Ten (10) years.

Who qualifies for concessions on motor vehicle importation?

Concessionary rates of duty on vehicles are usually given in special circumstances, for example, when the importer holds a job or position which entitles him to a concessionary rate of duty on the importation of a motor vehicle.

People who qualify include farmers, senior teachers and government traveling officers.

What do we include in your London to Dominica Vehicles Shipping Service?


We have been fine-tuning our services for many years now and we have come to realise that no two worldwide shippers are the same. This is also the case for individual budgets and requirements, therefore we adapt our solutions to suit your personal needs; this is just one of the reasons why we are a highly regarded shipping company from London to Dominica.

Where in Dominica Can I Send my Vehicle?


We offer delivery of your vehicles to Roseau Port. You clear your items through one of two local agents which can be located on our destination information page.

Why should I choose Carib Shipping for transporting my Vehicles from London to Dominica?

We could go on for hours about why you should choose Carib Shipping to move your vehicles from London to Dominica, but here are just a few we can touch on:

  • You are given a vehicles shipment coordinator to make the process simple and to answer your queries as soon as you have any!
  • Free, no-obligation London to Dominica vehicles shipping quote
  • Our online services make provide 24hr access to our vehicles quotation services
  • Our Online booking service provides convenient access to our vehicles collection and drop of services 24hrs a day
  • Price match service (even though we have the best London to Dominica vehicles shipping rates)
  • All-inclusive vehicles packing and shipping services available upon request

If you would like to discuss shipping of your vehicle feel free to contact us, alternatively we encourage users to use our online booking facility to arrange a quotation or book delivery of packaging or collection for shipping.