4 Things to Know About Shipping Barrels Jamaica

4 Things You Need to Know About Shipping a Barrel to Jamaica

Wondering how to go about shipping barrels to Jamaica from the UK? Let the experts at Carib Shipping Company help you out with these free tips.

4 Things You Need to Know About Shipping Barrels to Jamaica

Wondering how to go about shipping barrels to Jamaica from the UK? Sending a barrel to Jamaica has been a special part of Caribbean culture for decades especially during the holidays. They are often shipped full to the rim of dry goods, food, and clothing or other household items.

Barrels were chosen as the container to send on ships overseas because of their waterproofing material when you choose a plastic barrel and their ease to move by rolling them due to their cylindrical shape.

Following are four things you need to know about when shipping barrels to Jamaica such as their size, how to pack them, labeling and insuring them properly and how to clear customs. Let the experts at Carib Shipping Company help you out with these free tips.

Barrel Size and Contents

Barrel Basics

How much fits inside a barrel? These cylindrical shipping containers are often called 55-gallon drums, or 44-gallon in the UK, or 200-liter drums. Some are of fibre or cardboard material, while others are made out of waterproof, durable plastic. They are considered to be 55 or 44-gallon drums because they hold this amount of gallons or liters when filled with liquid.

Standard drums have an inside dimension of 572 millimetres, 22.5 inches diameter and 851 millimetres, 33.5 inches height. So, when you are not filling it with liquids, the actual filled weight is going to vary.

It’s important to purchase a brand new barrel to be certain that it has not been previously used in shipping hazardous materials. It is not recommended to reuse the barrels, but if you do get one that has previously been used, air it out for several hours to ensure it is as odor free as possible.

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Packing the Barrel

What Can Be Packed Inside?

When packing a barrel, make sure that you do not include any homemade food. All food items need to be shipped inside their original container. Never include restricted items as this will hold the barrel up in customs and can end up costing extra money in customs duty and tax for the recipient. Some prohibited items include alcohol, batteries, meat or animal products, tobacco, and any illegal substances.

There is an art to packing a barrel well. First separate all of the goods you are wanting to send inside the barrel and determine which items are breakable or have the potential of getting damaged during transit. Wrap these items in bubble wrap. Place the most delicate items inside a box or plastic container and use packing Styrofoam until the item is unmovable. Now begin to pack the barrel by placing the heaviest items on the bottom. Any dry foods must be placed inside plastic bags and placed on top of the barrel. When you are ready to close the lid, place a tamper proof metal tag over the lid seal.

Properly Label and Insure Your Barrel

Labeling Is Important

One of the most important steps in the process of shipping a barrel is to properly label it. If you label it incorrectly, the entire barrel may end up costing the receiver a lot more than planned. Measure the barrel by width, length, height and weight. Choosing a good, reputable shipping company helps in this labeling and measuring step.

It is a good idea to get a black marker and write large letters onto the side and top of the drum. The bigger the better as it will eliminate confusion.

Cover Your Items with Insurance

Decide which coverage option is best to suit your needs. Even the best packing job can go wrong when shipments are being picked up and moved with forklifts or rolled, stacked on top of each other, and then shipped across an ocean where they will be unstacked and once again moved. The best way to make sure your items are completely protected is to insure them against damage and loss. Look into cargo or all risk marine insurance.

Rid yourself of all doubt and worry about whether your items will arrive safely by first listing a full valuation of every item you ship. Take good pictures of each item before packing them and a final photo of the packed barrel. Most insurance covers your goods from the point of collection of your cargo to the point of delivery.

Clear the Barrel Through Customs

Get Through Customs and Bring the Barrel Home

Once your barrel arrives at Montego Bay or Kingston, Jamaica, if your goods are personal and household items that do not exceed a Cost Insurance and Freight CIF value of a certain amount, you may proceed to the wharf to clear your goods.

The next few steps involve collecting your documents, going to the Kingston or Montego Bay port, paying charges, proceeding to Customs Manifest, proceeding to the warehouse for customs inspection and payment of duty, collecting gate pass, and finally collecting the cargo. When the barrel arrives in Jamaica, your recipient will need to take the documents to the freight agent who will process the papers and collect all fees due and then advise them as to which wharf or warehouse the barrel will be available for customs.

They will need to have a Taxpayer Registration Number, valid ID, Invoice, Bill of Lading or Air Way Bil, C27 form, and possibly a C78X or C86 form. They will need to present these documents to the Customs Officer and wait for further instructions. They will also need to be ready to unpack the barrel for inspection. If there is no duty, the Customs Officer will issue a Customs Release. If it is determined that duties are payable, the Customs Officer will direct them to the Customs Cashier to pay the necessary duties and fees.

Once the barrels have been inspected and duties and fees paid, they will be issued a gate pass so they can take the barrel and leave the port. If the person who is picking up the barrel is clearing it on behalf of someone else, they will need an authorization letter which is signed and stamped by a Justice of the Peace.

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