How to Read the Sailing Schedule when Shipping from UK to Jamaica

At Caribshipping, we offer fast, efficient shipping to Jamaica, with shipments sent out on a fortnightly basis. We require all barrels to be collected at least two days before the shipment is due to leave, to avoid any delays and ensure that the shipment is ready to depart on the UK sailing date.

There is a traditional trade route between the UK and Jamaica – Kingston and Montego Bay, making it possible to ship all types of cargo, including large container shipments for  furniture and vehicles or barrel shipments for toiletries and food. Find out more about the shipment services we offer in Caribshipping .

The sailing schedule from UK to Jamaica can be found here.

But how do I navigate all these different cells, you’ll ask. Let’s go through the different columns on the table:

Closing Date: This is the first thing you should consider before shipping. That means that your goods need need to be with us at our depot prior to the closing date. There is a closing day every 7 days. If the current day is 17/02 and the next closing day is 17/02, there is little time for placing an order, and getting your barrels/cargo collected for shipping. We highly recommend having your barrels ready for shipment and the collection date arranged at least 2 days before the closing date.
In this case, the next available closing day at 24/02 would be ideal.

Make sure you calculate the actual amount of time needed for your items to be collected.

Reading the Sailing Schedule from UK to Jamaica

UK Sailing Date:  This is the date your barrels/cargo will leave the UK and sail to Jamaica.  So you have to work out your dates in reverse.

If you want your goods to be available by, eg, 05/04/21 (if shipping to Montego Bay), you would have to book a collection with us no later than 21/02/21 to ensure we can have your goods at our depot before the closing date of 24/02/20. We will then load your goods into a shipping container. Your goods will leave the UK wharf on 03/03/21.

Estimated Arrival to Kingston: This is an estimated arrival day of your goods to Kingston wharf. The actual arrival day might differ based on circumstances or special events. It usually takes about a month.

Earliest pick up date Kingston: After your goods arrive at Kingston wharf, allow further and sufficient time for goods to be out turned and cleared before you’re able to pick them up. That usually takes 6 days. From the date listed and afterwards, feel free to visit the wharf to pick up your stuff.

Estimated arrival to Montego Bay: This is an estimated arrival day of your goods to Montego Bay wharf. The actual arrival day might differ based on circumstances or special events. It usually takes about a month.

Earliest pick up date Montego Bay: After your goods arrive to Montego Bay, allow further and sufficient time for goods to be out turned and cleared before you’re able to pick them up. That usually takes 6 days. From the date listed and afterwards, feel free to visit the wharf to pick up your stuff.

If there are empty fields on estimated arrivals, that means the specific shipment is destined for only one of the wharfs, either Kingston or Montego Bay.

For any questions regarding the Sailing Schedule from UK to Jamaica. feel free to contact us.

Why Door to Door Shipping Service to Jamaica? | Benefits and Advantages

A lot of people ask us, sometimes, “What the hell is that you’re doing?”. That’s a good question. Well, we can confidently state that our company doesn’t jump off straight out of our website and smacks you on the face.  So in this blog post, we’re going to dive into the one aspect of our service: Door to door shipping to Jamaica from the UK.

We are very proud of the fact that we operate a service which is door to door for barrel shipping (and drum shipping … and just about everything else that a barrel can contain). Our competitors are not as committed to door to door as we are. They’re going to lay it down on their competent service and huge vans and shiny ships, but they’re not going to be as vocal about the fact that they’re going to drop your things off at your recipient’s door or a depot for them to pick up.

Door to Door Shipping from UK to Jamaica.Imagine that you’re moving house. Now imagine that you’re going to Jamaica or move back to the UK, the sheer amount of work involved is enough to make you think again. But that’s where Caribshipping is coming in. We’re here to pick up all your sealed barrels from the front door of your old address and ship them to the front door of your Jamaican destination, skipping the pick up from the wharf, and taking care of the shipping agent fees, tax and paperwork.

Of course, you don’t need to move out to another country at all. Let’s just say that you’re going to Jamaica on vacation from the UK and find that you’ve packed too much. Provided you book ahead of time, Caribshipping will ship your excess goods or other shipments in sealed barrels abroad to your holiday destination, door to door. No secret baggage costs, no waiting carousel, no bulky luggage to pull around and a lot less time spent in queuing. Think about it for a bit.

Whatever your reasons of wanting to ship your barrels from UK to Jamaica, we’ll take care of your shipment till it makes it to the front door of the recipient.


Why Door to Door Shipping Service?

Let’s have a look at the top benefits and advantages of the door to door shipping service from UK to Jamaica.

1: Time Saving

The number one reason why door to door delivery is preferred over the other methods is that it saves you time. Tons of it. From putting your documentation together (you can find all information you need on our blog), and how import taxes work (We got you covered), to actually making it to it’s destination safely (we know what we’re doing). And who has time for that anyway?


2: Saving Effort & Headaches

Transportation is the movement of people, objects and vehicles from point A to point B. The destination point typically depends on the transport system, whether local transport, door to door or intermodal transportation.

Furthermore, safety is of the utmost concern when it comes to shipping services. The service provider guarantees the safety of your shipment in door to door delivery services.


3: Saving Money

Normally, door to door delivery requires different costs for those involved in freight transport, which ensures a significant reduction in transit time. This method of shipping constantly saves money to those involved in the process. This is also most convenient for customers, as the shipping company provides you with a contract outlining the shipping costs to your destination.

Typical shipping facilities provide the pricing of the cost of transferring the product from one point to another. This expense excludes other items such as customs duty, import or export taxes or other costs or charges. Caribshipping covers all import taxes and international customs for you. On the other side, our door to door delivery is hassle-free and means that you don’t have to think about any additional costs after signing the contract.


4: It’s Simple

The whole transport operation may be difficult, it requires several steps because of part of the transport, but it is much simpler than it was before for everyone involved in it. Customers can no longer be part of the door to door delivery. More importantly, the door to door delivery of barrels makes travel much safer.

Our Door to Door Delivery streamlines the operation from start to finish and you’ll be able to track the process here.

We separate ourselves from the local competition by providing our customers with more information which you will find useful when it comes to assisting you shipping your barrels door to door to Jamaica from London.

Now we can’t offer a door to door service all across Caribbean-despite saying that it’s actually quite big, you know-but we run a comprehensive door to door service in our key areas in Jamaica so get an instant quote right now and see if we’re covering your area.

If we do, you’re not going to find a better deal anywhere else.

Note: If you need to ship a parcel, cargo or container, please check our other services. The door to door service is exclusively for barrels and drums.


Shipping Motor Vehicles to Montego Bay, Jamaica

Shipping motor vehicles to Montego Bay, Jamaica: All the things you need to know

Whether you are currently a resident who has been living abroad, you are on a temporary work transfer, or just enjoying a really lengthy vacation, you want to drive your car around Jamaica when you arrive. The only problem is that there is an ocean between you, and you obviously cannot drive your vehicle across the water. The solution is to ship it. Send it ahead to be ready to drive upon your arrival.

 Shipping motor vehicles to montego bay jamaica from UK


If you are a returning resident or individual, you are allowed to import one motor car and one light commercial vehicle, two light commercial vehicles, or one light commercial vehicle and a regular commercial vehicle, not to exceed a total of two vehicles within a three year span of time. Before you do anything else, there are four things you need to know about shipping motor vehicles to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Prepare the proper documents and get approval to ship motor vehicles

Container shipping your vehicle

If you ship other household goods with your vehicle, you won’t have to prepare the car, and everything is then sealed inside a 20 or 40-foot container. The car is secured to avoid movement during shipment. The container method is considered the safest way to ship motor vehicles.


Know the steps to take to ship motor vehicles

First, apply for approval.

Before you will be able to ship your motor vehicle or motorcycle to Montego Bay, Jamaica you will need to apply to the Jamaica Trade Board for an Import Licence and receive approval. Do this through the Jamaica Customs Agency. It is also a good idea to check with the Embassy of Jamaica to obtain all of the most up-to-date information about import laws for motor vehicles to Montego Bay.

If you require further assistance you can contact the Jamaica High Commission in the UK prior to export of your vehicle.

Gather the necessary documents for shipping motor vehicles to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

How much does it cost to ship a package to jamaica and what paperwork is neededTo get approval for shipping your vehicle, you will need to gather together the necessary documents. These include:

The import licence will be issued by the Trade Board Limited. It will authorize you to import your motor vehicle. To gain approval, you will need to show proof of ownership by presenting the vehicle registration document. This title must be issued by the government of the country where the vehicle was purchased and the VSC or vehicle title will be required at the port of entry.

The Sea Waybill or original Bill of Lading/Order must be obtained from the local clearing shipping agent with detailed information about the vehicle as well as the date it landed on the island and the port of entry.

The invoice needs to come from the supplier and is required for all vehicles being shipped.

The Bill of Sight is a document with details about the motor vehicle that is being imported and is prepared and signed by the broker and then certified by Customs.

The Tax Compliance TCC will be obtained from Tax-Adminsitration Jamaica. This has to be from a main Tax office in a Parish of Jamaica.

Finally, the Simplified Administrative Document (eSad) is an electronic document that can only be completed by a licensed Customs Broker. It lists all of the particulars of the vehicle, the importer’s name, shipping information and the Customs duties are recorded. It is completed by the Customs Broker and submitted to Customs.

You will need to locate a suitable customs broker in Jamaica when you attend. There are plenty of agents to chose from and these persons are frequently located at the wharf, or you can locate a list of verified brokers from UK Jamaica high commission.

How is the Value of your motor vehicle determined?

Determining value and duty

Costs calculation shipping vehicles and motors to Jamaica Kingston Montego Bay from UK

Import Duty, special consumption tax and GCT is compounded. A processing fee and environmental levy is tallied and included in the aggregate Duty. Customs will assign the value to the motor vehicle in order to determine the duty.

You can view list of calculated duties on this link

The WTO Agreement states that invoices should be presented to Customs so the proper value can be derived. There are special circumstances that may allow concessionary rates of duty on vehicles, such as when the importer holds a job or position that entitles them to a concessionary rate of duty for importing motor vehicles. Those who qualify are farmers, senior teachers, and government traveling officers. The Ministry of Finance must grant these concessions upon approval of an application submitted through the proper governmental channels.

Custom’s levies in Jamaica are high, so expect to pay as much as 60 percent or more of the cost of the car as custom duty. Just make sure you stay mindful of the expenses when shipping motor vehicles to Montego Bay, Jamaica.


Limitations for importing motor vehicles

Does the age of the vehicle matter?

Generally speaking, the vehicle cannot be older than 4 years. If you are a resident of Jamaica who has been living abroad, you are allowed to import two vehicles within three years with proper documentation.

In order to be able to drive your vehicle on the island, your International driving license is valid for one year after which time you will be required to attain a local Jamaican license. Jamaican car insurance is required before you can drive the vehicle away from the customs department. Light commercial vehicles, such as pick-ups, panel or window vans, trucks which seat between 9 to 14 passengers, and unladen weight less than 300 kg or 3 tons cannot be older than six years. Motor cars and motorcycles have a five-year limit.

Trucks used for transporting cargo weighing between 3,000 to 4,000 kg have a fifteen year limit, those weighing between 4001 to 8000 kg have a fourteen year limit, and those over 8000 kg have a twenty five year limit. Buses used to transport passengers have between twelve and twenty year limit depending on their seating capacity.


Limitations on Shipping Vehicles from UK to Jamaica

Limitations for importing motor vehicles

Motor vehicles that are damaged or are in salvaged condition are strictly prohibited for import.

Also, legally, you are prohibited from selling your vehicle for at least one year after it has been imported.

If it is damaged during shipping , you will need to wait about three years.

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