Insurance for Your Shipment to Jamaica


  • Household Goods
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Private Boats
  • Professionally Packed Personal Effects
  • Barrels, Drums and Small Items

For a competitive quote on any other type of cargo, please contact us.

Carib Shipping underwrite the insurance for barrels only. We do not underwrite insurance for packaged cargo or boxed items.

Does this insurance cover missing items?

No. You can only claim if we lose your entire barrel or drum. It does not cover individual items missing from a cago or inside barrels.

Do I need to fill out an insurance declaration?

No, we aruotmatically underwrite against the full loss of a barrel

My barrel or drum is lost, how much can I claim?

You can claim up to the maximum of £300 for the contents of each lost barrel.

My package has arrived later than expected, can I make a claim?

No, because it is impossible to guarantee arrival times, which means that we are unable to insure against delays. We advise you ship urgent cargo as early as possible.

If my package becomes damaged, can I make a claim?

No. You can only claim if the entire barrel, drum or other small package and the contents are lost