1. Furniture removed from the house to our loading vehicle.
2. Our staff carefully remove prepacked household items from UK home.
3. We carefully store your house items at one of our storage depots.
4. Container arrives at our depot location for loading.
5. Container loaded onto the ground for safe loading of household items for export from the UK to Jamaica.
6. Empty container ready for safe packing of household effects for export from the UK to Jamaica
7. We begin to carefully pack your household effects into the export container.
8. We pack the items as if they are our own. We respect your household items.
9. Container is security sealed for export with a seal that can only be cut with a bolt cutter by UK or Jamaica customs. 1
10. Carefully packed container fully loaded.
11. Container loaded and ready for export from the UK to Jamaica.
12. We’re looking fancy! Next stop is the docks for export to Jamaica.