What are the Parishes in Jamaica to Ship Barrels to? 

Wondering what are the parishes in Jamaica to ship barrels to? The island is divided into three counties – Cornwall, Middlesex, and Surrey – which are divided into 14 parishes.Located in the extreme southeast of the island, Kingston is Jamaica's capital, Kingston is Jamaica's largest city and capital, and an important commercial port. Each parish has a capital city, typically the center of commerce, and two parish capitals, Montego Bay in St. James and Kingston, have city status. Here is a list with all 14 parishes and their capitals, along with the price to ship a barrel door to door to each one of them. 


Surrey County in Jamaica Map

Parish: Kingston, Capital: Kingston 

Parish: St. Andrew, Capital: Half Way Tree

Parish: Portland, Capital: Port Antonio 

Parish: St. Thomas, Capital: Morant Bay 


Middlesex County in Jamaica Map

Parish: St. Catherine, Capital: Spanish Town

Parish: Manchester, Capital: Mandeville

Parish: St Mary, Capital: Port Maria

Parish: St. Ann, Capital: St. Ann’s Bay

Parish: Clarendon, Capital: May Pen


Cornwall County in Jamaica Map

Parish: Trelawny, Capital: Falmouth

Parish: St. James, Capital: Montego Bay

Parish: Hanover, Capital: Lucea

Parish: Westmoreland, Capital: Savanna-La-Mar

Parish: St. Elizabeth, Capital: Black River



Detailed Jamaican Map

Jamaican Parishes Map
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Kingston Parish in Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica - Wikipedia

The capital of Jamaica, Kingston, is the smallest but most populous city on the island. It is in front of the world’s seventh-largest natural harbor, protected by the Palisadoes, a long sandy spit that connects the city of Port Royal and Norman Manley International Airport to other islands.

Colonel Barryn Hog ​​Crawle founded Kingston on July 22, 1692, as a refuge from the June 7 earthquake that destroyed two-thirds of Port Royal. Before the earthquake, Port Royal was home to English buccaneers and was known as the “worst” city in the world for the unbridled lives of the townspeople, including the private Sir Henry Morgan. Ship a Barrel Door to Door to Kingston Parish in Jamaica from £220 

St.Andrew Parish in Jamaica

St. Andrew was one of the first congregations in Jamaica to be established by law in 1867. Before its founding, it was known as "Liguanea," which was the word for the iguana Taino. St.Andrew is north, west, and east of Kingston. As Kingston's popularity grew, wealthy Kingston residents began buying an old "pen" from St.Andrew's. Corral "Originally a farm where cattle were raised, and until recently there were still many areas in St.Andrew called corals." "Plume" was soon considered a derogatory term for people's residences, and many of these enclosures were renamed "gardens". Ship a Barrel Door to Door to St. Andrew Parish in Jamaica from £220


Portland Parish in Jamaica

Portland Parish 2020: Best of Portland Parish, Jamaica Tourism - Tripadvisor

Portland is a parish that’s located on the northeast coast of Jamaica. It is located north of St. Thomas and east of St. Mary. The parish is known for its natural scenery, beautiful beaches, lush trees, numerous caves and rivers, and the top of the Blue Mountains.

Ship a Barrel Door to Door to Portland Parish in Jamaica from £230


St. Thomas Parish in Jamaica

Descending from the peaceful heights of the Blue Mountains to the pristine coast of southeastern Jamaica, St. Thomas Parish is one of the most beautiful on the island. It is bordered on the west by St. Andrew, on the north by Portland, and on the south by the Caribbean Sea. St. Thomas is bordered on the west by St. Andrew, on the north by Portland, and on the south by the Caribbean Sea. The land of St. Thomas stretches from the peaks of the Blue Mountains and Mount John Crow to sea level. Ship a Barrel Door to Door to St. Thomas in Jamaica from £220


St. Catherine Parish in Jamaica

The parish of St. Catherine is located on the south coast east of the parishes of San Andrew, to the west between Clarendon and the north between St. Ana and St. María.

St. Catherine was founded in 1867 when four small congregations came together and elected Queen Katherine (Catherine) of Charles II.

The parish has long been a center of population. There lived the pre-Columbian Tainos, followed by the Spaniards who built their capital, San Jago de la Vega (now a Spanish city). Today, Sainte-Catherine is the second most populous and fastest-growing congregation with a large industrial and agricultural industry. Ship a Barrel Door to Door to St. Catherine in Jamaica from £220


St. Manchester Parish in Jamaica

Manchester is located in the south of Jamaica. To the east is Clarendon Parish, while St. Elizabeth to the west and Trelawny to the north. 

On November 29, 1814, in the early 19th century, farmers at Clarendon Cafes, St. Elizabeth, and the hills of the then Blood Parish to form a separate parish.

In the days before the abolition of slavery, the population of Manchester was never as large as the surrounding parishes, because the mountainous terrain was unsuitable for growing sugar, which was the most profitable crop on the island at that time.

In 1942, Manchester was found to be one of the largest bauxite reserves in the country. Bauxite is a red mineral that is processed to produce alumina and finally aluminum. This discovery contributed to the growth and creation of the bauxite and aluminum industries in Manchester, which encouraged the rapid development of the church and, in particular, of Mandeville.

Today, Manchester's economy is deeply rooted in both bauxite and agriculture. Ship a Barrel Door to Door to Manchester in Jamaica from £230


St. Mary Parish in Jamaica

St. Mary borders Portland to the east, St. Anne to the west, and parts of St. Catherine and St. Andrew to the south.

St. Mary is known as one of the first parts of the island to be occupied by the Spaniards.

In 1760, around Port Maria, the most significant rebellion in Jamaican history erupted and ultimately spread to most of the island.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the parish had 63 sugar factories, but just three at the end of the century.

As sugar fell, banana cultivation came to a standstill. Ship a Barrel Door to Door to St. Mary in Jamaica from £220


St. Ann in JamaicaElevation of Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica - Topographic Map - Altitude Map

St. Ann, II. It is named after the wife of King James of England and is the largest of all parishes. It is known as the "Garden Parish" for its bauxite production, agriculture, and animal husbandry, and especially for its tourist attractions.

The parish is the oldest city in Taino / Arawak, Jamaica. When Christopher Columbus first arrived in Jamaica in 1494, he named the place where he first landed at Horseshoe Bay because of the peculiar shape of the land.

Located on the north coast of the island, St. Ann is bordered by the parish of St. Mary on the east and the parish of Trelawny on the west. Its southern boundaries are shared between the parishes of St. Catherine and Clarendon. Ship a Barrel Door to Door to St. Ann in Jamaica from £230



Named after the Lord Chancellor, Clarendon Earl Edward Hyde. and one of the youngest congregations in Jamaica, Clarendon was formed from a combination of three congregations: St. Dorothy's, Vere, and Clarendon's Old Parish. Before the merger, its capital was Chapelton. Clarendon is also home to the largest agricultural fair in the Caribbean - the Denbigh Agricultural Show.

Clarendon is located about halfway between the eastern and western ends of the island, in southern Jamaica. Its neighbors are St. Ann in the north, Manchester in the west, St. Catherine in the east, and the Caribbean Sea in the south. Ship a Barrel Door to Door to Clarendon in Jamaica from £230


Trelawny Parish in JamaicaTrelawny Parish 2020: Best of Trelawny Parish, Jamaica Tourism - Tripadvisor

Trelawny is bordered on the east by St Ann, on the west by St James, and the south by the parishes of St Elizabeth and Manchester.

The congregation, founded in 1770, was named after former Jamaican governor William Trelawny.

Trelawny has the indigenous peoples of the parish. The southern part of Trelawny is part of the Cockpit Land and is uninhabited. Therefore, it is a natural reserve of flora and fauna

With new attractions such as Falmouth Cruise Pier and a multi-purpose resort, Trelawny gets a well-deserved announcement among the benefits of tourism as it is one of the most attractive places in a highly competitive industry. Ship a Barrel Door to Door to Trelawny in Jamaica from £230


St. James Parish in Jamaica

Located in the extreme northwest of Jamaica, St. James is a suburban parish bordered by Trelawny to the east, To the south, St. Elizabeth, and to the west, Hanover and Westmoreland.

St. James was one of the congregational groups founded in Jamaica and is said to have been called Sir Thomas Modyford around 1655 by the Duke of York (who later became the ruling ruler of James II).

Also, the capital of the parish, Montego Bay, saw the last act of slave revolt on the island before it was released. Ship a Barrel Door to Door to St. James in Jamaica from £265


Hanover Parish in Jamaica

Hanover is moving around the extreme northwest of the island. It is situated to the west of St. James and the north of Westmoreland. The capital Lucea is situated in a beautiful harbor 25 miles west of the Bay of Montego and between the Halfway between the Bay of Montego and Negril.

The second smallest congregation in Jamaica, Hanover, was established in 1725 and named after George I, the reigning ruler of the British throne, who had come from the Hanoverian house in Germany.

Hanover often gets no recognition for its elegance and charm, and the nearby Montego Bay tourist destination is also overshadowed. Ship a Barrel Door to Door to Hanover in Jamaica from £265


Westmoreland Parish in Jamaica Negril Photos - Featured Images of Negril, Westmoreland Parish - Tripadvisor

Located on the west end of the island, Westmoreland is bordered to the north by the parish of Hannover and to the east by St. Elizabeth and St. Jacob.

The settlers called this parish Westmoreland in 1703 when the English captured the island from Spanish rule in 1665; it was probably named the westernmost point of the island. The capital, Savanna-la-Mar, became a port from which sugar was exported and dates from 1730.

The parish has dry and fertile land and a shallow relief that is well suited to sugar cane.

The wetlands, which are common to Westmoreland Parish, serve as a natural sanctuary for Jamaica's wildlife. Ship a Barrel Door to Door to Westmoreland in Jamaica from £265


St. Elizabeth Parish in Jamaica

St. Elizabeth is located in the extreme southwestern part of Jamaica, bounded on the north by James and Trelawny, the Caribbean Sea to the south, Westmoreland Parish to the west, and Manchester to the east.

St.Elizabeth is one of the oldest congregations in Jamaica. Originally containing much of the western part of the island, it was divided into parts of Westmoreland and Manchester in 1703 and 1814, respectively. Saint Elizabeth was named in honor of Lady Lady Modyford, wife of Jamaican Governor Sir Thomas Modyford from 1664 to 1671.

This small Black River town, now the parish capital, boasts its popularity in the 19th and early 20th centuries as a venue for fishing, colorful dances, and celebrations, often held at the ‘Court-House’ and its annual circus. which attracted visitors from afar.

The Black River, one of the oldest towns on the island, is the first to receive electricity.

Although the social situation has changed significantly, the parish has made progress in agricultural production, which provides most of Jamaica’s fruit and vegetable supplies. Ship a Barrel Door to Door to St. Elizabeth in jamaica from £265


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