How to Clear a Barrel at Kingston Wharf Jamaica

How to Clear a Barrel at Kingston Wharf Jamaica

When you receive notice that you have a barrel ready for pick up or you need to ship cargo at Kingston Wharves, there are a few steps you should know about clearing barrels at Kingston Wharf Jamaica to make the process go smoothly and quickly.

4 things you need to know about clearing barrels at Kingston Wharf Jamaica

Know the four things you need to know, such as how to make it through customs smoothly, how to prepare for an inspection, and how to pick up your barrel before you leave. In the meantime, know what costs to expect and additional helpful tips along the way. It’s all in the preparation. So, be sure to collect all of your documents, including proper identification and arrive early ready to pay.

First, Know the Basics

Kingston Wharves are open for service Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For further questions about Kingston Wharf, please visit the Kingston Wharves website, or download their app which will let you walk through some of the cargo clearing process ahead of time and online. The app will allow you to check your shipments and to pay some of the fees before you head to the wharf but will not allow you to pay customs charges ahead of time. The app is available at the Google Play Store.

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It’s All in the Preparation

Collect Your Documents – First things first is to get all of your shipping documents in order. The documents include an Order or Bill of Lading along with some form of valid identification and TRN. Collect all of these documents, accept for the ID, from the shipping agent, customs broker, or forwarder, and pay any handling or freight charges associated with your shipment.
Make sure you have proper personal ID. The forms of identification that are accepted include a National ID, a Driver’s License, or a Passport.

Arrive at the Kingport Building With ID in Hand Prepared to Pay – The key to making sure the entire process goes smoothly is to arrive early with all of the documentation you need and ready to pay your fees. If your cargo is at Berth 5 or 6 Warehouses, you will need to pay the KWL charges at the Kingport Building. Make sure you have all of the necessary documents in hand before you arrive at the Kingport Warehouse Complex-KWC at 47 Second Street, Newport West. Otherwise, go to the Kingston Wharves Head Office on Third Street, Newport West.

This is where you will pay the storage charges and handling fees.

Once you have your fees, you will receive a customer service number. When you arrive to the next step of clearing barrels at Kingston Wharf, you will need to go through a security check at the entrance. Have your proper identification out and ready to show the officers on hand.

Proceed to the Warehouse

Arrive at the Warehouse for Crate or Barrel Inspection and Payment of Duty

Go to the warehouse that is storing your barrel or cargo, and pay the appropriate storage and handling fees. Present your shipping documents to the security personnel at the warehouse. Go to the delivery area with the gate pass and collect your barrel or cargo.
Once your documents have been validated, you will then head to the proper warehouse for one final inspection and payment of duty before you may pick up your crate or barrel.
There are three warehouses on site. Go to the warehouse that is indicated on your documents. You will need to go to either the KWC, Berth 5 or Berth 6.
Once you arrive at the correct warehouse, your documents will once again be looked over, and you will need to listen for your customer service number with all of the pertinent directions at the Customs Inspection Area.
From here, a Customs Officer will inspect all of the items in the crate or barrel you are picking up. Once the barrel is located, you will have to open the barrel for examination by a customs officer. After your barrel has been examined, the customs officer will place a value on the goods. Once everything has been looked over and cleared, you will be given a duty amount to pay to the Customs Cashier. Don’t forget to get a Customs Release form from the cashier.

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Receive Your Gate Pass and Pickup Your Barrel Before You Leave

Before you or your vehicle can gain access through the Main Gate, you must first have a gate pass. Present your Release Order to the warehouse operator, and he or she will issue you a gate pass. Collect this at the Gate Pass Office. Have your driving license ready to show, and drive slowly.
Show your documents to the Security Officer, and he or she will inspect them when you arrive at the Warehouse to collect your barrel. Once you have obtained your barrel, you will need to acknowledge receipt of goods by a signature. Sign the document, and pick up your barrel before you leave through the exit gate in your vehicle.

Cost and Additional Tips to Make the Process Go Smoother

How Much Does It Cost?

Of course, every barrel is unique and comes with its own set of circumstances and pricing associated with it, but non-commercial or barrels that contain personal items, such as food, toiletries, household items, or clothing, will usually cost around JMD$6,500.00 per barrel. This roughly currently equates to about 38 Pound sterling.
The fees involved may include Landing Fees, which are paid to the clearing local Agent. Expect to pay about JA $3,700.00. Handling and Storage Fees, paid to Kingston Wharf, may be about JA $4,630.00. Also, Import Fees, such as customs duties, paid to Kingston Wharf might run around JA $6,500.00.

A Few Extra Words of Advice

Obviously, keep it legal. All cargo, including barrels and their contents are viewed through a scanner at the port.
If you requested an unaccompanied baggage clearance declaration, C27/Yellow Form, at the airport, it is now all digital on the computer. The C27 form may be helpful in that it often lowers the amount of taxes you will need to pay. Because it is digital, you will not receive a paper copy. You no longer pick up and fill out a yellow form on arrival at the airport. Now you have to attend Kingston Wharf customs with your passport and the flight number that you arrived on. All customs duty discounts will be applied at this time.
When you arrive at the wharf, find the line for “the yellow form”. If you are clearing cargo on a consignee’s behalf, you will need to present a letter of authorisation which has been signed and stamped by a Justice of the Peace, JP, along with the consignee’s TRN card and valid passport to be presented to the Customs Official.
Arrive early, and allow plenty of time especially if you are there during Easter or Christmas holiday. Be prepared to be asked to unpack and then repack your items in the barrel during inspection. Bring proof of purchase receipts so your goods will be properly valued. Most
importantly, when you are clearing barrels at Kingston Wharf Jamaica, be friendly and cooperative.

Patience is a virtue, posses it if you can.